Shop Update, 15th February 2017

SHOP UPDATE: 15th February 2016 at 8pm GMT

In this update there will be PRE-ORDERS ONLY  of all of my previous Harry Potter colourways in either a 20g Dinky Skein or a 100g Skein. These are listed separately.


Also available are pre-orders of the following colourways:

Acorn Wood

Big Brown Bear (Sock Set)

Bitch, Please!

Bloom (Sock Set)


Glamping (Sock Set)

His n Hera (Sock set)

I Don’t Like Pink (Sock Set)

Lily (Sock Set)

LoveLoveLove (Dinky Set, 5x20g)


Macaron (Sock Set)


Spring (Sock Set)

Toffee Apple (Sock Set)

Vintage Rose (Sock Set)


The following Clubs will also be available on Pre-Order:

Great Characters of Literature – March – Jo March, Little Women

Sock Yarn Minis Club – March

Mrs Weasley’s Knit Club, Round 4 (April, May, June)





One thought on “Shop Update, 15th February 2017

  1. Mariann DeMarco says:

    I am very interested in your Mrs Weasley knit Club Round 4 . It sounds so exciting I really hope that I can get in. Your artistic talent is beautiful and I am very impressed. I learned about your company from Katie of Inside Number 23 .

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