The Next Step…

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last 2 months thinking of where I want Norah George Yarns to be in 12 months, 2 years, 5 years…. and the only real decision that I have made is that I need a change. A change in the way that I dye my yarns, the bases that I offer and also how I sell my yarns to you, my amazing supporters and friends.

Events have occurred during this time that have made me re-evaluate my business plan. I have spent a long time, many long late hours, working my hardest to get out original, unique colourways. The sad thing is I no longer feel that some of these are mine, despite designing that colourway. As a result, I feel my relationship with my selling platform Etsy has diminished, along with my love for these once unique colourways. That being said, I am totally fine with all this. It has had a positive effect on me and my plans for the future. It’s made me excited to push forward to better things.

I’m hugely inspired by popular culture, as well as the world around me in general, and while this will never change, something has to. 

Therefore, I will be officially retiring some of my old Harry Potter inspired colourways. Harry Potter is one of my great loves and always will be, but it’s time for something new. There are a plethora of HP inspired yarns available, some of which are totally to die for. So, I don’t feel that I need to keep adding to these. There’s plenty to choose from! (I highly recommend these dyers: Nomadic Yarns, London House Yarns, Little French Meadow). I will shortly be posting a list of the colourways that will be retired, and those that will be in my Colourway Library ❤️

Some of my HP colourways will be staying for good as I just love them too much to ever let them go. 
But as I’ve said, times change. So from this point onwards, I will also no longer be offering pre-order yarns, except for Clubs and Collaboration work and I will also not be accepting any custom orders. The reason for this is to make my yarns available….always! 

My shop will now ALWAYS be stocked. I won’t have specific Shop Updates. There will be yarn dyed almost every day and added to the shop as and when it’s ready. One of the main points of feedback that I have had is that people are disappointed when they miss out on updates, so I’m hoping this will resolve that! I will also be selling from my own Shop and not from Etsy.

You can find the new shop here (it’s currently empty but will be filling up from Sunday March 19th!):

My colourways will remain, as always, original and unique. There will be colourways that stick around and some that will make beautiful, albeit fleeting, appearances. I want to enjoy and adore every Skein I put out there, and creating new yarns and designs will keep my love for my work alive.

All Clubs (except the Sock Yarn Minis Club) will have exclusive, never-to-be-repeated colourways. These Clubs are my absolute favourite things to dye. I currently run Mrs Weasley’s Knit Club (a 3 month subscription) and Great Characters of Literature (a simple monthly club which you buy each month) and these will continue for as long as I can dye them. I adore them. The only way to get these yarns is to buy the Club.

A new website will be opening in the next few months (this is a temporary set up!!!), where you will be able to find a regular blog, Podcasts and a Shop. All will be run solely by me. No fuss and no confusion. 

I have always been so humbled by the love and support you have all shown for me and my business and I have decided on these changes as much for you as for me and my little business. 

I am hugely excited for the future. I have a whole load of new and wonderful British bases coming, as well as my own unique Norah George Yarns base that I hope you will all love as much as me.

Thank you all, always, for your support, encouraging words and love. I send it back to you threefold.



24 thoughts on “The Next Step…

  1. Tracey Chorley says:

    Sounds like you’re a lady with A Plan Tracy! Well done you, your yarns are so fab and deservedly very popular. I’m glad to see you taking control! Tracey C x

  2. sewstitches says:

    Exciting times ahead, I love the idea of there always being something in the shop. I can sense that the new website will be a positive move for you & wish you all the success. Finding yarn, a podcast & a blog all on the same platform will be wonderful. Looking forward to seeing Jo March this week xx
    Sharon Michelle Webster

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh, Tracy! While I’m sad about the Harry Potter yarns! I am so excited to see what is to come! I can’t wait to support you on your new site. Also what is that last yarn at the bottom in the purple colorway. It is to die for!!!

  4. Polly Columbus says:

    I am so excited for you! Somtetimes we have to step back and think about changes! They sound exciting and I am thrilled I might be able to get more of your yarn❤🍾🎉

  5. Audrey says:

    Hi Tracy,
    What an exciting time for you & your gorgeous yarn. I have a wee question will the Jo March club be available to purchase? The Little Women book is my all time favourite but I missed the deadline before. I totally understand if you will not be offering the club box again. I look forward to getting some of your gorgeous yarn.

    • norahgeorgeyarns says:

      Hi Audrey! Thanks so much! Unfortunately the Jo March yarn won’t be available again, as it’s part of the Great Characters of Literature Club. It’s already dyed up and ready to ship out xxx

  6. Karen says:

    There hasn’t been an update since discovering you (thanks to Jooles at Sew Sweet Violet) that I haven’t purchased your yarn. The essence of Norah George isn’t your HP yarn – its you! So keep true to your self and I am sure all will be well. Very glad to hear your plan – and even gladder to hear there will be yarn in the shop today (it’s Sunday in Australia already!) xx

  7. Nikki Clark-Corrick says:

    Hi Tracy
    I have only ever managed to get one of your minis packs as I always seem to be to late to the party lol….so a stocked shop sounds fab to me and if the glimpses of the new colour ways are anything to go by then we’re all going to be in for a treat indeed! Crocus…..(gorgeous) So ramp up that creativity, we can’t wait!! Happy dyeing hun xx

  8. Michele says:

    I think I’ve seen this coming for a while and I think it is a great decision. Getting cart jacked sucks! I love your colour esthetic and you need to protect your inspiration. Your love for your business shines through and we all benefit.
    Raising a glass (prosecco of course 😊) to the next chapter of Norahgeorge yarns 🍾 xxx

  9. Sue says:

    Love that your new shop opening is sold out!
    Everyone loves Norah George and the lovely lady behind it all.
    Well done xxxx

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