Great Characters of Literature Club | May 2017

I have decided that there are TOO MANY amazing literary characters to choose from this month. I have been going back and forth between five very different characters, as I wasn’t sure which fitted right for May.

I’ve so far been choosing characters from my own favourite novels, so I’m planning on doing that for the rest of 2017.

So, that character for May, you ask…..

HEATHCLIFF | Wuthering Heights

Such a wonderful, intense and brooding character. I adore him, and I always have. A tortured soul. Misunderstood. Loving. Faithful. Yes, there’s plenty not to love but it’s hard to not have a soft spot for Heathcliff, isn’t it?

The yarn will be inspired by Heathcliff’s love for the wild Moors. Their natural, wild beauty. The harshness of their terrain but the gentle ripple of their covering. 

I cannot wait.

This Club will be available to pre-order in the Shop on Monday 3rd April. The Club will ship in early May.

The Club will be available in 3 options:

  1. Sock Set (100g+20g)
  2. Sock Skein (100g)
  3. Dinky Skein (20g)

The yarn base is:

  • 75% Superwash Merino 25% Nylon, 100g/425m

One thought on “Great Characters of Literature Club | May 2017

  1. Jan Bailey says:

    Hi Norah
    I was wondering if I could still purchase the two skeins of yarn for the Patronas Shawl? I didn’t know about your lovely yarn till I saw Dani of littlebobbins showing her test knit, I already downloaded the pattern. Thank You and good luck on the change with your yarns❤️Jan

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