2018 draws closer….

…and I have been thinking a lot about how to better provide yarn for my wonderful customers!

From January 1st 2018, I will be changing the way I dye and list my yarn.  I will no longer be offering Pre-Order Clubs but will offer these as Mystery Skeins in the shop each month.  There will be a Minis Club (5x20g skeins) and a new monthly Mrs Weasley’s Knit Club (100g) and also a Great Characters of Literature Club (100g+20g).  You will know the name of these yarns, but not the colourway!  Each month these will be limited to 30 each and will be listed at different times throughout the month.  When these will be listed will be provided in a Blog Post and on Instagram.  They will all be sold as Ready to Ship!

The Shop will be updated each SATURDAY at 8pm GMT.  

So that you know what will be coming in an update, I will publish a Blog post each Friday detailing that will be available in the Shop Update the next day.

Also for 2018, I will be offering a limited number of SQ Custom Slots.  These are specifically for Sweater Quantities of yarn (on Sock or DK bases) in your choice of colour way.  You will be able to select the number of skeins and the base that you would like, along with your choice of colour way, whether it is an existing or custom colour way.  There will be a 3 skein minimum for these Custom Slots (up to a maximum of 9), with all  skeins being in the same colour way.  I know how hard it can be to grab a SQ in an update, so I wanted to give you this option to eliminate cart-jacking stress!

For the remainder of 2017, I will be fulfilling the remaining Clubs (Minis Club, Great Characters of Literature and Mrs Weasley’s Knit Club) and dyeing for my final Shop updates on the 2nd and 9th of December.  I may sneak in a small update on the 16th but that is TBC!

I plan on vending at more shows during 2018, so please stay tuned for more information on where you will be able to come and see us!


Tracy xxx

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