Shop Update | 13th January 2018, 8pm GMT

Welcome to the FIRST update of 2018!


I have FOUR new colour ways heading your way (including a very lovely One Pot yarn – see below!) as well as an old favourite which is perfect for Spring!


I am introducing new “One Pot” yarns in this update – these are special, one of a kind yarns that will only ever be dyed ONCE.  These yarns may be experiments with new techniques, different dyes or unusual combinations.  They may also be what I call “Slop Pot” yarns – they get the odds and ends of all the dyes left over from that day of dyeing. It makes for some really funs, interesting, and different combinations.


Also new for this update is a the first Themed Yarn for 2018.  Each quarter of this year, I will be dyeing yarns around a special theme which can be inspired by anything at all.  The first quarter we will be enjoying some time with Mary Poppins!


In this update we have….

Apple Blossom 

Sweet Nectarine

Life’s a Jolly Holiday with Mary

Peony Blush

One Pot #1

All yarns are available on various bases – MCN Sock (including the new High Twist), Super Sock, DK, BFL Sock (including the new High Twist) and Gold Sparkle Sock




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